Our Future: The Schumacher Property

In 2016, the St. John Long Term Planning Team came to the conclusion that further expansion of the Grand Prix Dr. property would be nearly impossible. The search began for a potential site for the future of St. John. The Team's main requirement for our future church home was that we continue in ministry within the same neighborhood on 10 acres or more. Shortly thereafter the Schumacher property was found and our team decided that the property perfectly met St. John's requirements for a new location. The Schumacher property was the only property that met our needs. The problem was...it wasn't for sale.

However, in October of 2019, St. John's prayers were answered when the property suddenly came on the market! It was on the market for only 4 days when St. John's offer was accepted. The plan to purchase the property was ratified by District Leadership and Church leadership in record time. The Church vote was unanimous! Plans are now underway for the eventual relocation of ministry to this site.